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Understanding the barriers facing games students – and how to remove them

At GDC, Cristina Amaya and Kenzie Gordon went through some of the issues with game education, and what could help students and new graduates

Marie Dealessandri

The overlooked keys to launching and sustaining games-as-a-service

As many GaaS have recently come to an end, Gamesight’s Yane An shares her golden guide to help teams build and evolve live service titles

Yane An

Rami Ismail's top ten tips on surviving the indiepocalypse

The indie veteran offers studios advice on how to stand out and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry

James Batchelor

An introduction to how game development pipelines work

Room 8 Studio's 3D art director Maksim Makovsky details what a typical production pipeline can entail to newcomers

Maksim Makovsky

What it actually takes to secure your next voice acting gig

Unlock Audio's Bonnie Bogovich shares tips on how to boost your chances of getting a job voice acting for games

Bonnie Bogovich

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